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Laughing Child Farm, located in the scenic Mettawee Valley, is the site for our sweet potato farm. We’ve been farming since 2003, in one capacity or another, but in 2012 decided to focus on sweet potatoes. We started with  two acres of sweet potatoes and this year (2017) we grew thirteen acres! Our goal is to provide the best, most nutritious sweet potato at a price that everyone can afford. (We are happy to say that our prices haven’t changed since we began selling our sweets four years ago.) We are also certified organic by VOF and USDA.

Laughing Child Farm is owned and operated by Timothy and Brooke Hughes-Muse and our four laughing children. Timothy manages the field operations for Laughing Child Farm and now delivers the sweets, too. Brooke manages the packing house and sales for Laughing Child Farm, keeps Timothy on his toes, and supports families through Tree Song Vermont.


More about the kinds of sweet potatoes we grow:


Its firm texture makes it ideal for soups and stews. Cook slowly for superb sweetness. It is a mainstay of the northern sweet potato growers because it produces reliably in a variety of soils and weather conditions.

Carolina Ruby:

Easily the favorite of our children, but only because of the bright sunny inside and purple outside. A touch sweeter than Beauregard and a pleasure to eat because of the color. Rubies have rough skin and are prone to splitting and cracking, leading to more culls in the field during harvest; they are worth it, though.


Like orange silk. When slow cooked (by this we mean cooking in an oven or stove-top rather than microwave) this is as sweet as sugar and makes the smoothest puree. If you smash your sweet potatoes, get Covingtons. Smooth skin make it a good looking tuber.


Japanese variety, with purple skin and white flesh. This variety is less sweet than the others, but our kiddos don’t complain.



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Call us at 802-325-2054 or email us at Visit our farm at VT Route 30, Pawlet, Vermont.
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