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This page will be continuously updated with new ways to use sweets. Find us on Instagram (laughingchildfarm), Facebook (LaughingChildFarm), and Pinterest (sweet-potato-love) for many, many more wonderful ways to use sweet potatoes.

As many of you know, we use our sweet potatoes in almost every meal. We are also lucky enough to be able to eat them year-round! We have decided to start compiling some of the ways we incorporate the sweets into our every day life. Some recipes are from us, others are modified lightly (or heavily in Timothy’s case) from other recipes. We will do our best to give credit.

Our fridge always has puree in it, along with cooked sweets – either chopped or baked. We’re ready to add them to anything!

We just discovered the most amazing way to use our sweets: Overnight cinnamon rolls! The recipe is still a work in process (thinking about adding some VT maple syrup in place of sugar/added to frosting for example…) Try it out and let me know what you think. We’ll be eating them as often as possible! (This recipe can also be made all at one time, rather than holding dough overnight; skip the refrigeration and let rise again for 45 minutes before baking.)

Baby food! Pureed, homemade, organic, delicious food for the babe.

Smoothies! We use puree in smoothies all year. Sweet potato puree acts as a thickener, while also sweetening.

Muffins! Pureed for the win again! (Anyone looking for a good puree-er? We LOVE our Kitchenaid immersion blender!) Timothy prefers an adapted recipe from The Joy of Cooking while Brooke usually uses an adapted Moosewood Restaurant New Classics.

Sweet potato latkes! This is one of our favorite dishes. You can make them super savory, buy adding salsa, black beans, and salsa. Or go the other route and layer on the applesauce or maple syrup. Mmmmmmmm

Stir fry! Our girls will never admit it, but they don’t mind eating them in a stir fry. Brooke usually adds red pepper, tofu, onion, and coconut milk (and pineapple if she’s feeling festive.) Timothy usually pairs the sweets with meat, onion, green pepper and a sauce, which varies depending on his mood.

Don’t forget about breakfast! We add puree to waffle and pancake recipes. (Recipe adapted from The Joy of Cooking.) Recently, Timothy added some of our new Murasaki sweets (red on outside, white on inside) to our Cream of Wheat. It was awesome. Hint of sweetness AND the girls didn’t even know they were eating vegetables. Win-win.

Lasagna! Hear me out – it’ good. We typically use the Lasagna recipe from “Moosewood Cookbook” and it never fails us. Unless we didn’t make it to the grocery store and guests are arriving too soon to pick up ingredients. We didn’t have cottage or ricotta cheese. Enter Timothy. He pureed sweets, blended in some mozzarella and hot damn! Out came some of the best lasagna we had ever eaten. Not one child complained.

Pizza! We bought a spiralizer this summer. Along with the immersion blender, it’s the most used tool in the kitchen. The last pizza we made, we sliced the sweets super, super thin and layered them on between the sauce and the cheese. Divine! We’ve also used the puree in place of sauce. Remember those chopped sweets we have in the fridge? Yep, we throw ’em on pizza, too.

Sausage-sweet potato bake! One of our standbys. Throw cooked sausage, sliced (or chopped) and boiled until *just* soft sweets, onions, and apples in a 2-qt dish, layering. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on top. Cover. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. The recipe we adapted this from is in the cookbook, More with Less. That recipe calls for throwing the sweets in raw and adding some brown sugar. Also great this way, we just found the sweets weren’t always cooked all of the way through and didn’t need to add sugar. Plus, you have to brown the sausage anyway, so we just boiled the slices (or chunks) at the same time. (One of our IG followers recently mentioned these same ingredients, only roasted instead of baked in a covered dish. We tried it tonight. It’s definitely awesome both ways!)

Baked Lentils with Cheese! This is also adapted from More with Less, but the only change is subbing sweets for the carrots. It can be made dairy free. The blend of spices make it delectable!

During the fall and winter, once we run out of carrots from our personal garden, sweet potatoes replace them in every recipe. Especially in soups! We also don’t use winter squash, although I’m determined this year to see if I can make a sweet potato bisque that rivals a butternut squash soup (because I’ve missed that!) Add puree or chopped/sliced/ spiralized sweets into whatever-kind-of-soup for a delicious end result. Chili is fantastic with sweets, too! Last night I made leek and potato soup and threw a sweet potato in, in place of one of the Irish potatoes. Add some curry and you’ve got a not-to-sweet, but very satisfyingly warming meal. Locals: serve it with some Earth Sky Time bread!

Brownies! (from Pinterest board) Fantastic. They do rise a little and we prefer a fudgier, chewier brownie, but they are still great. They are cake-y and delicious. Hmmmm, maybe some maple icing….?


Sweet potato pie! Of course. Need I say more?

Sides – fries – curly and straight, mashed, roasted, baked…